Get Something Delicious on Your Finger


Rings are jewelry items that most people have. They are perfect gifts to mark a person’s associations and special life events. The SouZou Creations has created unique rings to make your fingers not only beautiful but delicious too. Kawaii Japanese Rings are designed and created by Sofia from SouZou Creations. Sofia is Canadian married to a Japanese man and has been living in Japan for almost 13 years.

Among Japan’s culture, she’s fascinated by everything that can be described with the word “kawaii”: small, simple, innocent, possibly colored with pale and pastel shades. Just like the jewelry that she creates: miniatures of food from the Asian culture and beyond.

SouZouCreations’ products are made with attention to detail, creativity, and long lasting dependability. Each ring has a unique piece of sushi like shrimp, tobiko, egg, tuna etc. These rings are hand made which a specialty of these rings. It seems that minimized copies of Japanese meals were attached to the wearer’s fingers, lovely and funny! Just guess, if I have that ring on my finger, I probably will feel hungry all day. You can buy these rings from here. Here are some Kawaii Rings: