Ripple Maker making ripples in Latte Art


Latte art is one of the most shared images on social media especially on Instagram as it takes a lot of tries to pour out a beautiful rosetta on a cappuccino, and a lot more to reach the peak of Instagram latte art perfection. But now even amateurs can impress their customers or friends with intricate latte art. Thanks to ‘Parent company Steam CC’ that takes this art to a whole new level with the introduction of the Ripple Maker, the latte art printer.

The Wi-Fi enabled machine can take any image and print it on the latte, cappuccinos, or other foamy drinks in less than 10 seconds. Customers and baristas only have to choose a design from the pre-existing catalog or upload their own content through a free app. Once the image is selected, the Ripple Maker uses a combination of 3D and Ink Jet printing technologies to transform the natural coffee extract from the Ripple Pods into latte art—or Ripples.

Yossi Meshulam, the CEO of Steam CC, said in a press release. “When you put something beautiful in someone’s hands, they want to share it. That’s how we’re making a ripple on the world.”

Ripple Maker partnered with Lufthansa, making the German airline the first global brand to adopt the appliance. Later this year, they’ll be placing Ripple Makers into First and Business class lounges.

The Ripple Maker is $999 and requires a $75 per month service plan. They’ll begin shipping in September 2015.