Top 14 Style Resolutions for 2019

Can you believe it is the Mid of 2019? It’s a trend to make resolutions on 1st of every year January, but I believe, we should make it every month, every day, or whenever it’s needed because striving to improve is always a good thing. The new year means new resolutions and new disappointments to experience when you slip up on your plans and come back to doing your old habits. My today’s post is also about resolution for 2019, but I’m going to harp on about ‘STYLE RESOLUTION FOR 2019’. Here are my tips to revolutionize your style this year:
Resolution #1 Don’t take the “rules” of fashion so seriously.
But take this rule seriously. If you feel and think you are best in it, and it suits you, forget the “EXPERTS” and go with it, carry it as it makes for you only. Most of these so-called rules (even the ones you read on this website) are more suggestions than anything. 99.9% of you already get this. Don’t over-think it. There are much bigger things to be concerned about.
Resolution #2: Clean out your closet
Clean out your overhauled closet. Organized your closet, get rid of all of the items you no longer wear, or that are useless. Donate it, or give it to any needy, but whatever you do, don’t keep anything that is not in your use. When do you know exactly what you have and what is where? getting ready in the morning becomes a much easier task.
Resolution #3: Give priority to quality over quantity
It’s hard to embrace quality over quantity but go ahead and spend your money on quality things. Don’t buy thing have tempting price tags on them, but go for tempting quality things. This year, resist the urge to impulse shopping of low-quality and cheap things, save your money, make sure that what you’re buying is worth your buck. Instead, spend money on fewer items that are well made. Mostly Cheap price of anything means nothing less than bad quality. Good quality items come with promising good results. This year, resolve to go for quality – not quantity.
Resolution #4: Shop affordable. Shop local.
Avoid buying “famous fashion designers” expensive clothes. I believe unknown, or unsung fashion designers are much better, creative, and quite affordable as compare to them. Make an effort to discover local boutiques and shops in bazaars or markets to find unique pieces to supplement your wardrobe.
Resolution #5: Find a good, but an affordable tailor.
There is no doubt in this that boutiques are great, but not always in the budget for an entire wardrobe. To find a good tailor with reasonable rates in this inflation era, it sounds like a joke, but do find. Find a good tailor to customize the fit. A slight nip and tuck can give a couture look to off-the-rack items.
Resolution #6: Go Bright, don’t be afraid of colors
Make this year colorful, add some key pieces of bold shades to your wardrobe. Winter is a great time for this – add a red or bright blue scarf to your cold-weather accessory arsenal. Other ways to go bold include toting a bag in a vibrant, get-noticed hue. Color is a great way to inject some new life into your wardrobe and spice up your day-to-day outfits. Don’t fear color; embrace it!
Resolution #7: Buy what fits your body
Stop buying right off the rack and start spending money on what fits your body. Know your body type and wear styles that flatter, rather than distract, or worse, offend. This means trying things on until you hit on the right piece that complements your shape. Don’t full your closet with ill-fitting items, add those pieces to it which looks best on you.
Resolution #8: Define your own style.
Keep it in mind not everyone is a natural at putting together a look. Defining your own personal style can be difficult, but it’s not impossible. Inspiration is not imitation. Be careful not to lose yourself by mimicking too closely an exact look out of a fashion spread, or the signature style of a friend or style-diva. It can look forced and unnatural on you.
Resolution #9. Take chance.
Take a chance every now and then. Try out a new look when you are headed to an intimate gathering of close friends and ask trusted one’s opinion. It is okay if something doesn’t work. Take the praise and the criticism with stride and let it guide your next style choices. Odds are most of us are not high profile enough to let our fashion missteps land us on a Worst Dressed list.
Resolution #10: Take care of your beauty like money.
Don’t ignore your hair, face, hands, feet, and above all your face. Don’t forget these all are the part of your personality. Take manicures and pedicures and give your hands and feet some special treatment. Your face is the first thing people see, it’s best to take care of it as much as possible. Take facials, do clean your skin twice a day. For hairs, take hair treatments, use the best shampoo. Eat healthy, keep it in mind healthy food will make your skin glow.
Resolution #11: Change something about your hair.
Let your hair go long, or cut it short. Change your hairstyle, take a chance and try a new look. You can change your hair color, also you can use hair accessories for Grown-Ups. Avoid those products that are harmful to your hairs, treat them with natural hair products. Avoid too much ironing. Hairstyle trends of 2019??? Well, Short hairstyles like Pixie Haircut, or medium hairstyle seems like the trend of 2019. Make any change to your hair and give any regrets the bird.
Resolution #12: Sunglasses – Did they ever go away?
Sunglasses are 2019s favorite accessory to emphasize your face. Sunglasses play important role in changing your image or style. Fashion and glasses today are inextricably linked to each other. Always choose the style that suits your facial structure the best, and of course whichever brand and style you like the best!
Resolution #13: Play with nail paints
Nail paints are the new handbags — an accessory that will dress up any outfit, haven’t you heard? With a color for every personality, occasion, and mood. Nail art and designs are now as essential as hot new handbag or shoe. The look of designs featured on the nails is one of the biggest trends for the season. This season, don’t forget to play with nail paints.
Resolution #14: Wear a Bold lip color
It’s a fact that we all are the admirers of BOLD color lipstick. Though It’s scary to wear a strong lipstick if someone is not used to it. But the right bold lip color works with just about any skin tone and style of outfit — from casual wear to office wear to occasion wear. This year, try at least once to paint your lips bold.

This year must re-create yourself confidently and make 2019 your year, to feel more beautiful and good. Though I’m not a fashion world person, I talked about it up to my sense of style. Hope you like my Top 14 style resolutions for 2019.
Posted and Written by: S.Maahrukkh


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