5 Ways To Enjoy On Singles Day Out This February

valentines day

Ah, Month of February comes with romantic dinners, oversized teddy bears, tons of red-roses, and chocolates that pop up everywhere. Even though I see couples 12 months of the year, but still I have no idea why only on Valentine’s Day, people shout about their relationship through a bullhorn? under pressure? Seems like that’s only meant for couples.

Well! I always have a great time on Valentine’s Day because I don’t have any of that pressures and yep, that’s the best thing about being single. Let me let you in on a little secret: being single on Valentine’s Day means you can have your chocolate and eat it too (trust me!). So, if you’re also playing solo this February, here are a few of the best perks for self-sufficient single birds to enjoy on the day of love.

1. Pamper yourself Whatever You Want

It’s a day to remind yourself how great you are, to treat yourself the way you’d like to be treated. Do whatever the heck you want. I personally prefer a night out with some fellow single ladies, but if you’re not in the socializing mood, a great way to participate is to celebrate glorious, wonderful you. Do something indulgent like go for a haircut, blowout, beauty treatment, taking a bubble bath, or taking a massage. Do whatever makes you happy!

2. Share some good cheers with your dears

It’s time to nurture your relationships, you already have. Share Valentine’s Day with your family, your loved ones, and whoever else makes you smile, they will be thrilled. Any greeting cards, flowers, or treats you bring will only be a cherry on top of the cake. It’s Valentine’s Day, you’re adorable, and you’re completely free.

3. Have a movie marathon.

Cozy up on the couch with your favorite romance movies and let your Hollywood crush be your Valentine.  Or if you’re silver screen lover, go to your local theater and take in some of the latest flicks. Your own self-care and happiness should come first. Decide to love yourself, and that will always feel better than not being loved properly by someone else.

4. Celebrate Galentine’s Day!

It’s all about “ladies celebrating ladies”, popularized by Parks and Recreation, Galentine’s Day has quickly become a tradition among female friends. While others are focusing on their romantic relationships, why not celebrate friendship?! and turn Valentine’s Day into the Galentine’s Day. Give a toast to your independence.

5. Retail Therapy

This Valentine’s Day, give yourself a quick holiday boost. Whether you go to the mall and sweat a little,  or go online from your couch on discount retail outlets such as eBay or Amazon. What about ordering from Victoria’s Secret or Frederick’s of Hollywood, as a new addition to your intimates collection? Go on spoil yourself, you are totally worth it, just do not break the bank.