Be My Eyes, Your Mad Wavy Sight

be my eyes

Help is something we all need some time if you’re blind or you’ve low vision, whether it’s reaching to a high place when you’re short, opening a stuck jar, climbing stairs, or reading the expiration date or anything. But what to do If there’s no one around? Isn’t things would be tough then? Here is technology giving a helping hand in the form of an App that truly going to make a difference in low vision or blind people’s lives.

The App, Be My Eyes, connects blind or low vision people who need help or have a question, with sighted people who can help them. People who need help can use the App to ask questions like grocery shopping, what the instructions say on any item, whether expiry dates, whether an outfit matches and much more via a live video call. Isn’t it great?

According to Alexander Hauerslev Jensen, community director at Be My Eyes, “It is very easy to understand the value of Be My Eyes for everyone, and there is something very pure and good about the connection between people, it is very human to want to help someone, but on a busy day, it can be hard to find the time. That is why Be My Eyes works so well — because it is very easy to have a big impact on another person’s life.”

Be My Eyes is a must App and it is absolutely free to download. If you have this condition or you know low vision or blind people in your surroundings, inform them.  Technology can be a lot of things, but this is truly amazing.