How to have healthy, pink lips


Wanna get rid of the dull, dusky and dark lip? tired of hiding your tanned lips with lipstick? It is a wish of every second woman to have naturally healthy, pink lips – it is time to make your smile extra beautiful. Today, I gonna share some tips with you, so,  this wish comes true! 🙂

Give Cucumber Massage

Cucumber, the veggie of all seasons. Do you know it contains 95% water and a plethora of helpful vitamins? which are really good for getting younger-looking skin… Yes! it is true. It also gives new life to lips by lightening them. Simply take a slice of a cucumber and rub it against your lips to allow the juice to soak in. Do it 3 to 5 mins a day, and guess what? you’ll see beautiful, healthy lips in no time at all! Woohoo…

Buttering with Butter

We all do buttering… don’t be shy, accept it or not, but we do 😉 It is time to do some buttering on lips. Yes! you heard it right. Butter is the best friend for your lips. Just apply a thin layer over your lips before going to bed, along with a gentle massage, and leaving it on overnight. This is one of the most effective way to make your lips smooth and rosy.